GULFTECH services (MST) offers software development for businesses and houses a team of Web Development professionals with the skills to create applications that will help your business perform more efficiently and save money and time. At GULFTECH we have earned a lot of experience in the field of custom software development. No matter which industry you are in, whether its educational, healthcare, publishing, pharmaceutical, we can create customized software that will meet your specific requirements.

  • Web Technologies.
  • Summary of language and tools .
  • Operating System/Analysis.
  • Summary of web site design & development.
  • Web-Development.
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Web Technologies:
Our dedicated and experienced web development team are proficient in developing database driven Internet / web development applications, real-time processing applications and more. We have the know- how to provide security to your PHP ASP E-Commerce solutions, web design, graphic and multimedia interfaces. This may be used in such applications such as shopping carts. GULFTECH have a broad range of technological expertise, including ASP Programming, PHP Programming, MYSQL, MS-SQL, cold fusion, ASP .NET & Ms-Access, XML/XSL, WML, UML, WDDX, HTML, DHTML, UNIX Shell Programming.

Ajax means: shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML:

Ajax is technology is used for interrelated of web development techniques and interactive web applications. If you want your web page’s interactivity, speed, functionality and usability to improve then you should go for Ajax programming.

Ajax technology breaks page reload pattern because it sends and retrieve data without reloading the whole web page, this first and foremost, saves time and bandwidth. Well-applied Ajax is a definite advantage for any kind of web application – right from the simple websites to complex websites.

Advantages of Ajax Technology :

  • Sophisticated User Interface Control.
  • Decrease in bandwidth use.
  • Ajax also separates the functionality of web pages by combining different elements in different ways.
  • Standards-based presentation using XHTML and CSS.