Document Management System (DMS):
With the advent of the digital era, the concept of Electronic Data Management (EDM) has taken root and spread rapidly. A document management system (DMS) is an electronic tool that allows you to track and manage documents - across work groups or the entire enterprise, depending on your specific requirements. Organizations today need to handle a massive volume of critical information assets - developed and updated over a period of time and at various levels. In order to manage vital documents and streamline workflow, businesses require an effective information management solution that will enable authorized user groups to locate, share, update, review, store and retrieve data in the most efficient manner.

GULFTECH DMS: Keeping pace with technology :
Total security and ease of use mark the document management systems offered by GULFTECH based in Al-khobar- Saudi Arabia, ensuring the highest degree of productivity, efficiency and cost savings. GULFTECH is one of the leading document management system and solutions provider in Saudi Arabia. Keeping in mind the enterprise-level need for complete control over documents/information flow, GULFTECH  has also developed a highly collaborative and fully automated Document Management System (DMS). The document management solutions enable companies to effectively manage their documents ā€“ created/updated by different people at different times ā€“ through a single common platform that is both secure and user-friendly. The application allows unrestricted document sharing and free interaction among users through message boards/e-mail.

According to researchers, between 50% and 80% of company information lies scattered in documents, e-mail messages and attachments. In order to ensure the highest degree of operational efficiency, businesses need a comprehensive document management system that will store critical information; help update data; track changes and implement role-based access. GULFTECHā€™s most advanced document management system can be seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastructure to facilitate improved productivity; continuity of information and reduced costs in terms of document management, printing, distribution and mailing costs.

Major features for DMS:
GULFTECH browser-based Document Management Systems assign user management rights to the System Administrator and allows general users to share documents, interact through message boards, and send e-mail messages. The facilities, therefore, can be grouped into two parts - one designed for the System Administrator and the other for system users.

  • Web-based Application, using secured SQL server database.
  • Seamless exchange of documents.
  • Personal arena to each individual user in the network.
  • Security to each section.
  • Full authority to the administrator to check the system usage.
  • Full authority to the administrator to check the system usage.
  • Full authority to the administrator to check the system usage.
  • Embedded e-mail and document sharing features.
  • Embedded e-mail and document sharing features.

Complete security of documents ensuring that only intended members access the shared documents and messages.

Technology #01 : LINUX Server web- Based Application
Server Side Scripting Language:    PHP
Database Tools:                                MY-SQL
Operating System:                             Linux Red Hat 7.1 & Apache 1.3

Technology # 02: Microsoft Centric Technology for web-Windows Based servers
Server Side Scripting:                   ASP, Ms-Active X technology
Database Tools:                            MS-SQL Server 2000
Operating System:                        Window 2000, IIS 5.0 & Com + services